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Photo of Dan Strange talking with students

The uniqueness of Christ

A couple of months ago, I blogged about an SCM book I’ve recently co-authored called Only One Way? with the subtitle: ‘Three Christian responses to the uniqueness of Christ in a religiously plural world’.

It’s a dialogue between three theologians on the relationship between Christianity and other religions: myself as a reformed evangelical, Professor Gavin D’Costa (Bristol University) as a conservative Catholic, and Professor Paul Knitter (Union Theological Seminary, New York) as a pluralist. 

In October, to mark the publication of the book, the three authors got together in front of a live audience at Heythrop College, University of London, to discuss and debate the contents of the book. The day was chaired by Dr Martin Ganeri, the Director of the Centre for Christianity and Interreligious Dialogue, which is housed at Heythrop College.

In the first session, we had 30 minutes each to present our positions on the relationship between Christianity and other religions. As in the book, we stuck to the same systematic topics: method, God, creation, fall, Christ, mission. In the second and third sessions, we dealt with questions and comments among ourselves and from the audience. The day finished with some closing statements as to what we had learned from the day and whether we had changed our minds on anything. 

It was quite a day – and to my mind very revealing! I managed to record the proceedings, and the three opening presentations are here…

For non-Flash browsers, follow this link to the Only One Way? recordings.

Photo: Rodrigo_Soldon

Dan Strange

Dan Strange
17 December 2011

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