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The importance of theological education for women

‘Persuade me of the importance of theological education for women’ is one of the questions I encounter most frequently. Women come to our open and interview days interested in pursuing training for gospel ministry, but are often slightly perturbed because someone they respect and trust has cast a shadow of doubt across their plans by dismissing the value of rigorous theological training for women.

It’s not that they’re saying women shouldn’t do ministry, but rather that they don’t really need the kind of training a theological college such as Oak Hill might offer.

This is worrying for the future of Christ’s church in this country. Statistical research indicates that congregations in the UK contain more women than men; women who need to be taught and discipled, equipped and trained. In the face of a complex and ever changing world, we need to equip women to minister biblically, dynamically, deeply and richly to those entrusted to their care.

It’s thrilling to see the numbers of our female students increasing year on year. Women are currently training for children’s and youth ministry, women’s ministry, student ministry and cross cultural ministry. The female students at Oak Hill are spiritually nurtured, biblically fortified and theologically developed so that they will be Christ’s best gift to his church.

Training matters and training makes a difference! The short video above shares some of the thought and experiences of past and present Oak Hill students.

Also see the recent article on women at Oak Hill by Sophie Bannister in Premier Christianity magazine.

Mel Lacy

Mel Lacy
08 February 2017

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