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Calling all church leaders!

Sometimes missionaries are accused of having poor or non-existent ecclesiology – they just don’t seem to understand how important the local church is.

Often, we missionaries have to hold our hands up and say, ‘Guilty as charged!’ We have a tendency toward being lone rangers, not listening to the local churches that send us, nor to the local churches in the countries in which we serve. We think we know better.

But without local church, mission is meaningless. It’s local churches that know us, send us and receive us, call us, guide us, pray for us, support us, hold us accountable and welcome us home. Mission can’t and mustn’t exist without local churches, because the church is Christ’s body on earth and the articulation of God’s divine wisdom (Ephesians 3:10, 4:1-16).

So here’s a mission conference with a difference. A mission conference deliberately tailored to local churches, asking and answering the global mission questions that local churches are asking. How do we identify potential missionaries in our congregations? How do we teach children about mission? What is the church’s role when things go pear-shaped?

Don’t worry, the mission agencies will be represented too, but they will be there to serve local church leaders and respond to what’s on their agenda, not vice versa. Believe me, most mission agencies are only too pleased to have local churches take the lead.

Church leaders or member? Not signed up yet? Free this Saturday?

Book here now!

Dave Baldwin

Dave Baldwin
20 February 2017

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