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Image for the Leaders who last three-day summer intensive at Oak Hill

Book for our summer intensive on resilience in ministry

We’re currently taking bookings for a three-day summer intensive at Oak Hill in the middle of July this year (11-13 July). Leaders who last is designed specifically for pastors and teachers, and explores conflict and stress in church life and ministry. We’ll be asking: how can you grow and flourish under pressure rather than be overwhelmed by it?

Exploring the questions and offering positive resources will be Mark Pickles and Kirsty Birkett of Oak Hill, who are joined by Richard Garnett, an actor and communicator, and Lynne Wilson, a counsellor and conciliator. Follow the links to read more about their individual contributions to the three days.

Richard Garnett says: ’I don’t think there has ever been a time where people are more exhausted. Every day I work with clients in senior positions who are overwhelmed with too many tasks, too many emails and not enough time. I want to explore how you can be as excited and energised about your ministry at 80 as you were when you began.’

Kirsty Birkett, who lectures in Ethics, Philosophy and Church History at Oak Hill, identifies ministry as ‘a life of ongoing chronic stress,’ which is often carried out ‘in the face of opposition or disapproval, from both inside and outside the church’. She will bring to the intensive her work in resilience studies, which looks at ‘recovery from traumatic events, and considers how people are able to grow from such events, rather than be crushed by them.’

See the Leaders who last page for full details, including accommodation and booking.

Oak Hill

Oak Hill
27 April 2017

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